• dosa batter recipe

    Dosa Batter Recipe (Crepe of Rice Batter)

    Dosa is a recipe made from fermented rice batter and popular dish of south India. It has so many variations and goes well with so many kinds of chutneys but mostly with Sambar (a stew made with lentil). Plus, each southern state has its own way of preparing the dosa batter recipe. Some make it thicker, then some made it thinner. Some have it plain, then some have it with stuffing inside. The authentic way of preparing the dosa is by fermentation process which enhances vitamin c and vitamin b apart from carbohydrate and protein. That’s why it’s one of the favourite breakfast in south Indian states. Ingredients for Dosa Batter Recipe Split…

  • gobi paratha
    Breakfast,  Main Course

    Gobi Paratha (Cauliflower stuffed Bread)

    Gobi Paratha recipe is not only just a delicious but healthy and vegan recipe made by the whole wheat flour flatbread stuffed with cauliflower stuffing. This is the recipe I crave during winters. I can’t explain to you the experience you can have with this and especially when you have it with raita, pickles or chutney. Though gobi paratha is traditionally made as a breakfast recipe, I mostly have it during lunch and dinner. So grab a cup of tea, make this recipe and let me know how did you find this? This version of my gobi paratha recipe is different from what you’ll get from other websites on the internet or cookbooks.…

  • pudina semiya

    Pudina Semiya (Vermicelli in Mint Sauce)

    This recipe is inspired by Pudina Shavige or Semiya Upma which belongs to Karnataka (State in Southern India) cuisine. The recipe is mostly the same but I removed major ingredients like curry leaves and urad dal (of course, without spoiling the taste) from the main recipe. So I didn’t use the traditional name. Also, I want it to make it convenient to cook with basic ingredients for people from all over the world. The best thing about this recipe is that I am not going to use any dry spice in it. Therefore it’s good for breakfast time when you shouldn’t take too spicy food. You can have it with your favourite chutney…