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    Watermelon Sorbet without Blender or Ice Cream Maker

    When summers are on your doorstep, you don’t need a reason to try refreshing and chilled recipes. The same applies to me. That’s why this time I brought to you a cool yet easy to make the recipe for watermelon sorbet. Watermelon sorbet is a vegan and gluten-free recipe made with frozen watermelon by adding some mint leaves, lemon and sugar. Classically this looks like an ice cream scoop but this recipe is easy to make which means watermelon sorbet without using any ice cream maker or blender so it’s different.  But when you combine the sweetness of watermelon with a hint of lemon and mint, it’ll be a divine sorbet. Watermelon is…

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    Golden Milk (Haldi ka Doodh) – An Ayurvedic Recipe

    Golden milk is also known as turmeric milk or haldi doodh (in Hindi) is an ayurvedic recipe made with milk, sugar and turmeric powder, a very popular Indian drink with lots of health benefits. Traditionally, it is a recipe with just three ingredients but few recipe variations use other spices for additional benefits and flavour. But mostly, the recipe variations made with just milk and turmeric is called Turmeric Milk. However, my golden milk recipe includes few more ingredients and a vegan recipe variation as well. I remember my grandma offering me this recipe whenever I injured myself. She used to tell me that it’ll work as an antiseptic and will help in…